Jurist, with a doctorate in Pedagogy – completing a research project on social media in the Public Administration – she has practiced as a lawyer for many years. A scholar of law applied to the network and new technologies, she has dedicated herself to data, digital administration and transparency/access to information. Teacher and speaker in sector conferences and trainer for the Public Administration and the private sector. She has published articles on various issues and is curator of the “SocialMediaMente” blog on My Solution. Co-founder of the Wikitalia Association and one of the promoters of the States General of Innovation. In the Puglia Region, she is responsible for Actions 6.1.6, 6.1.7 and of ERDF PUGLIA 2007-2013: Financial Engineering Instruments.

TECH | May 2, 2017

Scraping of data from sites: can it be done?

What jurisprudence says with respect to the activity of data collection from websites, or web scraping
The topic we are going to talk about is undoubtedly a much-debated issue: web scraping, which carries the million-dollar question: is scraping data from sites legitimate or not? As often happens, the interlocutor/reader is surprised that there is no one unambiguous answer, but several responses. Law – unfortunately? luckily? – is not an exact science, but we can try to understand something more together. What is scraping? Web scraping is a technique that involves using software to automate the retrieval of data[…]