After graduating from the Politecnico of Milan in 1982, he worked for a software consulting firm from 1980 to 1988, when he joined CEFRIEL, a company that promotes and supports innovation in businesses and public administrations, as a senior researcher.
Associate Professor at the Politecnico of Milan, he was promoted to full professor and, after having held the positions of Deputy Director and Scientific Director at CEFRIEL, he was appointed CEO in 2005.

SOCIETY | 29 Sep

Opportunities and challenges in the use of data and information

How data and information can represent an opportunity for Companies, Administrations, Society?
Opportunities What opportunities are created by this extraordinary availability of information? How can these data that we continually create be exploited and enhanced? What benefits can we offer to businesses, citizens and civil society in general? Within the individual business A first level of reasoning has to do with the use of data and information to improve and even revolutionize the operations of an individual business. This can take place at various levels: Through the intelligent use of data and information, it[…]