Visiting researcher at research institutions and universities, communicator. She has worked in the field of research and communications for over 10 years, with a focus on: ICT and social media and impact on lifestyles, gender, health and safety at work issues, cyber harassment and cyber safety. She is in charge of editorial coordination of the academic magazine RES PUBLICA. To her credit (in Italian, French and English) she has over 40 publications including articles, essays, monographs and editorial coordination of scientific and academic publications. Lecturer and speaker at industry conferences and seminars. She writes in the ICT and digital sector for online publications: Tech Economy, Girl Geek Life.

MARKET | 14 Mar

What future for Robotic Process Automation?

Market, advantages and sectors of use
By the year 2020, the market related to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will reach the value of 4.98 billion dollars. In fact, according to an Everest Group survey, 28% of companies have already implemented robotic process automation technology and 50% of corporate in-house IT departments and centers are already actively planning or implementing pilot projects. Over 40% of the sample believes that RPA is currently one of the best enabling technologies that is really worth investing in. Process Robotic Automation: what do we[…]