Director of Energy, Media and Cultural Heritage laboratories of the Engineering R&D Division. Member of various national and international committees and advisory groups, concerning technological innovation matters, on which he has gained a consolidated industrial and business experience over the years. A graduate of the Sapienza University in mathematics with specialization in Artificial Intelligence, he has completed his education with courses at M.I.T.. He was an Adjunct Professor in various Italian universities and has conducted several international projects for which he won prizes and awards, including the National Innovation Prize promoted by the President of the Italian Republic.


Data Science in three dimensions

In the age of "data such as oil", is Data Science the refinery?
Data Science is a term that has been in use in both the scientific and industrial fields for a few years now, alongside those of Big Data and Data Scientist. In October 2012, an article by T.H. Davenport e D.J. Patil in the Harvard Business Review defined that of the Data Scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century: at the time, the second of the two authors was Senior Data Scientist for LinkedIn. The question is quite simple, in a[…]