At the peak of his 30-year career at Engineering Group, he has headed the Big Data & Analytics and Open Source Competency Centers. Active supporter of the open source movement, he has  been a director of the OW2 global community for 10 years and in 2004 he founded the free open source software SpagoWorld initiative. He has been professor of software methodologies and quality at Engineering’s IT & Management School and visiting professor for open source at the University of Padua. He supports initiatives bringing innovation to the industry, research and education.

SOCIETY | Jul 27, 2017

Humanistic culture is the anchor of digital transformation

In a world that is increasingly dominated by algorithms, how can we preserve the centrality of individuals?
“Beauty will save the world” (Fedor Dostoevskij) In a previous article I introduced the theme of digital ethics as a prerequisite to managing the growing interactions between people, activities and objects. Choices will have to be made that can only be supported by an adequate level of transparency in order to identify ways to establish effective open and public control. I also stated that trust is the precondition for progress and that in the digital world, where total security and privacy is[…]