A nuclear engineer won over to information technology. 25 years of ICT coding, design, research and management for Engineering Ingegneria Informatica. Currently, he deals with supply engineering through the proposition of architectural solutions and innovative technologies in different market areas. PMP®, PMI-ACP®, an enthusiast of traditional and “agile” Project Management. Blogger, trainer, mentor and coach for preparation for PMP certification. He has intervened in various training events and industry webinars for Engineering’s IT & Management School, the Project Management Institute, and Luiss University.

SOCIETY | Jan 16, 2018

Data Mistreatment Revolutions: manipulating Artificial Intelligence

Fake data is a powerful tool for manipulating the decision-making ability of intelligent entities
"Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the system themselves" Tim Berners Lee   It is a proven fact that fake data,on the internet and information media can manipulate our opinions and affect our decisions. We also know that the heuristic shortcuts practiced by the media are the same ones we all apply in our daily lives. The question we should start asking ourselves is whether similar cognitive distortions can strike the entities that, in the near future, will[…]