A nuclear engineer won over to information technology. 25 years of ICT coding, design, research and management for Engineering Ingegneria Informatica. Currently, he deals with supply engineering through the proposition of architectural solutions and innovative technologies in different market areas. PMP®, PMI-ACP®, an enthusiast of traditional and “agile” Project Management. Blogger, trainer, mentor and coach for preparation for PMP certification. He has intervened in various training events and industry webinars for Engineering’s IT & Management School, the Project Management Institute, and Luiss University.

MARKET | 10 Oct

Data mistreatment: does the culture of data rely on the media?

Opinions and decisions should be supported by proper data processing. But too often this is not so...
Lately there has been much talk of fake news, less of fake data or fake charts, which are more subtle and dangerous because they are given that credit granted to quantitative measures more easily than to simple qualitative statements. The exponential increase in the production of data and charts is leading to an overload of numbers, percentages and trends on virtually anything, with a background noise that risks distorting ideas and opinions. It's not a new problem. It was voiced over 60 years ago by Darrel Huff[…]