A graduate in Information Science and Communication Technology, he is Innovation Manager at Engineering where he deals with all aspects of innovation, from collaboration and coordination of research projects to consultancy and specialized training. Adjunct Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Turin and of Consultancy and Soft Skills at the University of Pavia, he is a member of the Advisory Board of UNINFO and the Executive Council of the University of Florence.

TECH | Jul 25, 2017

Open Data are not sufficient

What are the best open data strategies for the Public Administration?
Open Data is increasingly talked about as a central element for guiding innovation and transparency in Public Administration. It's very true: Open Data is a formidable tool for allowing citizens to access public information in a new way and through apps and software platforms created by third parties. They are an exceptional tool, certainly necessary for achieving such a goal but, unfortunately, not sufficient. Open Data are not sufficient, and that has to be accepted Open Data are not sufficient because they[…]