A graduate in Information Science and Communication Technology, he is Innovation Manager at Engineering where he deals with all aspects of innovation, from collaboration and coordination of research projects to consultancy and specialized training. Adjunct Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Turin and of Consultancy and Soft Skills at the University of Pavia, he is a member of the Advisory Board of UNINFO and the Executive Council of the University of Florence.

SOCIETY | 28 Feb

The future awaiting us

What can we expect in terms of technology in the next few years, giving ourselves 2030 as the horizon?

The Future of Jobs report from the World Economic Forum contains an interesting and slightly disturbing figure: 65% of children currently in primary schools will enter completely new jobs, jobs that do not yet exist. On second thought this is not so strange; in fact, if we try to look back ten years, many jobs that we consider normal today did not exist at all. In the sphere of technology alone, we can cite the app developer, the social media manager, the[…]