A physicist by training, he obtained an International Research Doctorate in Physics with a thesis prepared jointly between the University of Pavia and the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), aimed at seeking new Physics through analysis of large LHC datasets collected at CERN. He has worked in Healthcare on the implementation of mathematical models to extended image archives (PACS) for the calculation of radiation doses in radiology.  He currently works as a Data Scientist at Engineering’s Big Data & Analytics Competency Center.

TECH | 9 Mar

Multidisciplinary collaboration in the era of Machine Learning

If it is the analyst who translates messages into symbols, it is the expert who helps to interpret the content
M. was a woman born in the late nineteenth century who gave birth to several children. She used to say that before he died one of her sons was replaced three times by an already moribund double. M. claimed to be a descendant of Louis XVIII, King of the Indies, to possess a fortune of 125 billion francs, and, feeling herself threatened, believed to be under surveillance, and that all the people she met were doubles, or doubles of doubles. Within a[…]