A physicist by training, he obtained an International Research Doctorate in Physics with a thesis prepared jointly between the University of Pavia and the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), aimed at seeking new Physics through analysis of large LHC datasets collected at CERN. He has worked in Healthcare on the implementation of mathematical models to extended image archives (PACS) for the calculation of radiation doses in radiology.  He currently works as a Data Scientist at Engineering’s Big Data & Analytics Competency Center.

TECH | Oct 19, 2017

Can value be derived from unstructured data?

With Natural Language Processing, techniques and algorithms halfway between Computer Science and Linguistics
With the Nineties comes the start of the digital revolution. It is the decline of paper, binders and box forms, filing cabinets and signatures; or at least this is what is promised. Virtual grids take over from ink and cellulose registers; yet not all information is reduced to databases, not everything is "structure": human communication is made of documents, titles, pages and layouts. Contents increase. Their increase is unstoppable. Digital documents spread and with them search engines. The science of Information Retrieval prospers: information[…]