With more than fifteen years of experience in Java technologies, Monica has developed projects for industry, finance, telecommunications and the public administration and has been a member of SpagoBI team in the Business Intelligence field. She is currently responsible for defining Big Data architectures for Engineering’s Big Data and Analytics Competency Center.  She deals mainly with leading the Group in the development of projects and POCs, offering consulting services to clients and assisting the pre-sales phase by bringing in the contribution on Big Data technologies. She runs internal courses and for clients on behalf of the “Enrico Della Valle” IT & Management School and also carries out activities to support the dissemination of Engineering’s expertise in this context, both nationally and internationally.

SOCIETY | Jun 26, 2018

Fake News: will Artificial Intelligence destroy it?

How Machine Learning and AI can support fact-checking
The term Fake News refers to a series of news items and contents built for specific purposes, very often completely divergent from the intention to provide information. There is a taxonomy of fake news, with different variations, which enables the classification of news as propaganda, libel, conspiracy theory, unfounded story designed to hide the reality of the facts (hoax), sponsored content (clickbait), satire or hate speech and, finally, simple error. Each of these types of news puts specific communication strategies in place and uses distinct dissemination[…]