After graduating and obtaining a PhD in mathematics, he spent some years in pure research and university teaching (Faculty of Engineering) and then moved to the world of industry, first as an IT consultant, then as a quantitative analyst in the field of finance and risk management, before finally returning to the IT world as a project manager, business analyst and consultant on methodologies, technologies, innovation and training. He has published two books on the history of mathematics (AlphaTest), a university mathematics textbook (UAM) and various scientific, informational and educational articles in various types of magazines. He lectures on various subjects, including mathematics, IT and data sciences. He is also involved in training and education, holding courses both in the professional field and as a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering of La Sapienza University.

TECH | Jul 24, 2018

Even neural networks imagine

Constructing (and deconstructing) to do something new. Well, almost anything
When we were children many of us were passionate about Lego constructions: those who are old enough will remember that once upon a time the famous bricks were not differentiated and specialized like today, but more primitive, with simple and essential shapes: parallelepipeds and cubes of various thicknesses, and some joining pieces with curved or triangular shapes. Although what could be constructed was illustrated on the boxes, the bricks always ended up being used to assemble something else. Perhaps we first tried[…]