SOCIETY | Feb 14, 2019

Big Data get in the game

From tennis to volleyball, great champions increasingly rely on Data Scientist to win. Confirming that the data market is destined to grow.
Big Data have arrived on tennis and volleyball courts. Extracting value from data and statistics has become so important that the number one tennis player Novak Djokovic decided to bring in a Data Scientist to his team, Craig O’Shannessy, who has been developing mathematical models based on information from the ATP and WTA circuits for years. A winning choice given that O'Shannessy himself, in the column he writes for the ATP website, explains what were the tactics that the Serbian tennis player he "assisted" followed to beat Rafael Nadal in[…]
MARKET | Apr 20, 2017

Is Data Lake a new resource?

Organisations are increasingly relying on knowledge derived from data to improve profitability, discover new opportunities, accelerate product and service innovation, and ensure a good customer experience. Big Data however, as[…]