PEOPLE | Dec 6, 2018

Cloud Computing: why and how will it grow in 2019?

Interview with Francesco Bonfiglio, CEO of Engineering D.HUB, commenting on Assintel Report 2019, which foresees a 25% increase in investments in the Cloud next year
A strongly growing ICT market is forecast by Assintel Report 2019, with a +1.6% increase estimated for next year, compared with a 0.7% increase in 2018 over 2017. Most of the investments will be driven above all by Virtual and Augmented Reality (72%), wearables (43.9%), Artificial Intelligence (31%), Big Data and Analytics (26%), and Cloud (25%). The latter in particular will reach 1.8 billion euro, mainly for IaaS and PaaS services. What is the "winning" Cloud model? "The technology virtualization model, originally[…]
MARKET | Apr 20, 2017

Is Data Lake a new resource?

Organisations are increasingly relying on knowledge derived from data to improve profitability, discover new opportunities, accelerate product and service innovation, and ensure a good customer experience. Big Data however, as[…]