MARKET | May 24, 2018

DESI 2018: Open Data are saved

The report shows a digital Italy in fourth-last place and in difficulty – except for Open Data
Back on time, the awaited 2018 edition of the DESI, Digital Economy and Society Index, 2018 report, which highlights the state of the art in terms of the digitization of Europe and of individual EU member countries. Back on time and a little less awaited is the fourth-last position of Italy, which has remained blocked for some years now in its 25th position, despite having recorded a small improvement overall which has not, however, affected the general classification. Connectivity, human capital and digital skills, use[…]
MARKET | Apr 20, 2017

Is Data Lake a new resource?

Organisations are increasingly relying on knowledge derived from data to improve profitability, discover new opportunities, accelerate product and service innovation, and ensure a good customer experience. Big Data however, as[…]