Born in 1969, passionate – first of all – of gadgets and then of CRM, in the broad meaning that includes the customer management process and that of potential growth. Career of varied studies: Degree in Law, Masters in Human Resource Management and then Enabling for Financial Promotion. After various activities in 1996 he joined the SPIN group as sales. In 2008 – after his career in the sales area – he moved to the Marketing department of the group (which includes Bludis, Comedata, Aperiam and Esprime) dealing with Marketing, Digital Marketing and CRM projects, and gadget research.

SOCIETY | May 17, 2018

Artificial Intelligence… and human intelligence?

Why AI can help choices without replacing human intelligence
As with all the things I do not understand, I spend some time trying to understand them. And this is what I understand about Artificial Intelligence. What Artificial Intelligence is Artificial Intelligence – using AI for the sake of simplification – is an evolution of information technology capable of imitating human intelligence. Now, since words are important, I consulted Treccani (the Italian-language encyclopedia), and the word "intelligence" has this meaning: “Complex of psychic and mental faculties that allow us to think, understand[…]