Born in 1969, passionate – first of all – of gadgets and then of CRM, in the broad meaning that includes the customer management process and that of potential growth. Career of varied studies: Degree in Law, Masters in Human Resource Management and then Enabling for Financial Promotion. After various activities in 1996 he joined the SPIN group as sales. In 2008 – after his career in the sales area – he moved to the Marketing department of the group (which includes Bludis, Comedata, Aperiam and Esprime) dealing with Marketing, Digital Marketing and CRM projects, and gadget research.

MARKET | Jun 19, 2018

Who’s afraid of KPIs?

Measurement data and instruments balanced between quantity and quality
KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, an acronym that in Italian lends itself to two similar terms: key performance indicator (KPI) or essential performance indicator (EPI). In practice, KPIs can be defined as quantitative or qualitative indicators, used to assess performance trends: the critical variables of company processes are chosen (or should be chosen) and a target is set to then be able to measure the deviation. Comparing them with a number/value one can easily understand the gap between the expected results and[…]