Project manager and senior economist researcher, she is responsible for coordinating and implementing complex projects. She collaborates with several research organizations (Formez, Fondazione IFEL, ANCI, CIttalia, Fondazione Rosselli, Fondazione Cotec, Federculture) on issues of digital transformation, organizational innovation and network empowerment, innovation in PA training processes, public and territorial policy evaluation, local development, territorial planning. She is currently project manager and research director at the Digital Transformation Institute and consultant at Formez and MIUR.

MARKET | Oct 25, 2018

AI, Big Data and IoT: these unknowns?

A Digital Transformation Institute and CFMT survey reveals how much consumers know about the main technological trends
Are we more curious about being able to use a new app for sharing a means of transport, being transported by a car without a human driver, or more terrified by the possibility that our data are being purchased for receiving offers calibrated to our needs, and our privacy violated? Generally speaking, we are trusting and positive. This is the finding of one of the scenario researches – carried out by the Digital Transformation Institute and CFMT, in collaboration with SWG and[…]