Project manager and senior economist researcher, she is responsible for coordinating and implementing complex projects. She collaborates with several research organizations (Formez, Fondazione IFEL, ANCI, CIttalia, Fondazione Rosselli, Fondazione Cotec, Federculture) on issues of digital transformation, organizational innovation and network empowerment, innovation in PA training processes, public and territorial policy evaluation, local development, territorial planning. She is currently project manager and research director at the Digital Transformation Institute and consultant at Formez and MIUR.

TECH | 8 Jun

Smart City: When data culture impacts on 6 dimensions

Vision, organisation, economy, society, technology and communication: key dimensions in the development of an effective Smart City process.
The latest research  from the Digital Transformation Institute  (DTI) speaks clearly: in order to develop effective Smart City projects, we must stop making the same mistakes and learn how to work to anticipate factors that have the potential to fail. Undoubtedly, analysing the best practices of other cities is a useful exercise, if for nothing other than helping us understand the results achieved in other contexts and the goals that can be pursued, but how much do the characteristics of this context[…]