Project manager and senior economist researcher, she is responsible for coordinating and implementing complex projects. She collaborates with several research organizations (Formez, Fondazione IFEL, ANCI, CIttalia, Fondazione Rosselli, Fondazione Cotec, Federculture) on issues of digital transformation, organizational innovation and network empowerment, innovation in PA training processes, public and territorial policy evaluation, local development, territorial planning. She is currently project manager and research director at the Digital Transformation Institute and consultant at Formez and MIUR.

MARKET | Nov 30, 2017

Young entrepreneurs and Data Management: the challenge of awareness

In a Digital Transformation Institute and Confcommercio study the view of SMEs regarding innovation as stimulus for growth
Which tools should a business adopt to take up the challenge of innovation? And having chosen the right tools, how can one make them effective in changing operating and strategic procedures? How to do so in markets which make the ability to analyze data coming from consumers their strategy and the ability to manage this data their strong point? 41.8% of companies are not familiar with, nor do they know how to use Big Data to support their business and their decision-making processes. This[…]