He has taught for many years in the Master degree course in Business Communication at the Faculty of Political Science, Sociology and Communication at the Sapienza University of Rome, where he runs the course in Social Media Management. For some years, he has also dealt with the same issues in the similar course that he runs in the Faculty of Sociology at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino. In the past he has taught Economics of Innovation in Italy and abroad.

He has worked and still works for public administrations and institutions as well as with private companies and research institutes.

SOCIETY | 29 Sep

Ingenium: the data at the center of digital transformation

Innovation calls culture of data, information and knowledge
Often, too often, when someone points to the moon we end up focusing on the finger. In the same way, thinking about digital transformation, drones, 3D printers, digital manufacturing systems, and so on and so forth, come to mind. Too bad, though, that we risk losing sight of the real essence of things. That without which, beyond the special effects and technological wonders that sometimes seem to have the same effect on the thoughtless innovator as colored marbles for the Indians (sorry,[…]