He has taught for many years in the Master degree course in Business Communication at the Faculty of Political Science, Sociology and Communication at the Sapienza University of Rome, where he runs the course in Social Media Management. For some years, he has also dealt with the same issues in the similar course that he runs in the Faculty of Sociology at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino. In the past he has taught Economics of Innovation in Italy and abroad.

He has worked and still works for public administrations and institutions as well as with private companies and research institutes.

SOCIETY | Jul 12, 2018

Back2basics: Blockchain

The meaning of the word “Blockchain”
Blockchain. For most people Blockchain is synonymous with Bitcoin, the first and most important of the cryptocurrencies which have troubled the financial world for some time, bestowing unexpected and sometime short-lived windfalls to a few, threatening many with the risk of losing a heap of money, but allowing everyone to dream a bit: and dreaming doesn’t hurt anyone, much less their bank account. However, as often happens, Bitcoin – and cryptocurrencies in general – are only one, and not even the most interesting – of[…]
SOCIETY | May 22, 2018

Back2basics: Social Network

Social Network. No, it is not synonymous with Facebook. The concept of Social Network came into being long before the Internet: in the 1930s, Romanian psychologist Jacob Levy Moreno conceived sociometry, that branch of[…]