He has taught for many years in the Master degree course in Business Communication at the Faculty of Political Science, Sociology and Communication at the Sapienza University of Rome, where he runs the course in Social Media Management. For some years, he has also dealt with the same issues in the similar course that he runs in the Faculty of Sociology at the Carlo Bo University of Urbino. In the past he has taught Economics of Innovation in Italy and abroad.

He has worked and still works for public administrations and institutions as well as with private companies and research institutes.

TECH | 17 Aug

Name of the medication: Big Data

If Big Data was a medication: read the instructions and warnings for use very carefully
WHAT IS IT Big Data, according to the Treccani dictionary, is "a huge set of digital data that can be quickly processed by centralised databases”. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, however, it is “very large sets of data that are produced by people using the internet and that can only be stored, understood and used with the help of special tools and methods.". According to Wikipedia it is "a term used to describe a collection of heterogeneous, structured and unstructured data, defined[…]