TECH | Dec 14, 2017

10 minutes with AI

Which resources to consult in the coffee break to learn more about Artificial Intelligence?

This time, we dedicate the 10-minute coffee break to further exploring the theme of AI, or Artificial Intelligence, already described in a pharmaceutical pamphlet and about which there is much discussion in different contexts, including the Public Administration. In fact, the Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) has also recently set up a task force for studying the opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence in improving public services and simplifying the life of citizens, with a broad community in which case studies can be reported or application of AI in the public sphere can be discussed.


Starting, as always, with recommending a number of newsletters to subscribe to, we can cite that of AI Weekly, focused on Machine Learning and AI, and Machine Learning Weekly. Another weekly to subscribe to free of charge is Deep Learning Weekly which is more oriented towards Deep Learning and AI, and also in this case the very well-prepared O’Reilly news.

Sites and blogs

There are many information sites in which you can read about Artificial Intelligence. Worth recommending is that of Facebook’s AI research department, headed by Yann LeCun (someone certainly to be followed also on Twitter), that of Partnership on AI and the news and research contained on Deep Mind, a leading company on the subject bought over by Google in 2014.

Worth following are the activities and news published by two non-profit organizations engaged in the dissemination of issues related to Artificial Intelligence: Open AI e Italian Association Machine Learning.

People to follow

If you want to take a peek at some tweets on the subject while sipping your coffee, you should certainly follow Nando De Freitas (who also deals with neural networks and Deep Learning), Ian Goodfellow, team and expert in Deep Learning Google Brain , Andrej Karpathy, Tesla’s AI Manager Fei-Fei-Li, Director of AI Lab , Andrew Ng, who is very active in the field from both a scientific and educational point of view, Tomas Mikolov, a Facebook researcher previously employed by Google, and finally, and certainly not least in importance, the Google Research.

Italians include la Sapienza University’s Stefano Leonardi and Riccardo Prodam, Head of R&S at Unicredit, whose research and development laboratory is among the best in Italy on AI-related issues.

Free introductory courses on AI and Machine Learning

If, in addition to reading some news, you want to take advantage of breaks to at least subscribe to an MOOC on the subject, worthy of note are certainly that on Machine Learning di Coursera, or Geoffrey Hinton’s one on Neural Networks by Coursera. For short educational videos, you can take a look at the course on Machine Learning from Mathematical Monk, which has over 160 videos ranging from classification to Bayesian statistics, from Markov chains up to neural networks.

Sonia Montegiove – Stefano Epifani