TECH | Feb 27, 2019

10 minutes with Augmented Reality

Which resources can be consulted during a coffee break to find out more about Augmented Reality?

Can a coffee break be enough to learn more about a technology which is now mature and has a market which has been constantly growing over the last few years? For sure, one single coffee will not help you understand the characteristics of Augmented Reality and the most interesting areas of application that the future holds.

In 10 minutes, then, we can consult a few blogs, maybe subscribe to a newsletter should we wish to stay constantly informed on the subject, read a few pages of a book which acts as a guide or follow people on Twitter who are recognized as AR experts.

Which blogs?

The blog’s theme is all in the name: Augmented Reality news is one of the websites you can consult to read daily news on the world of Augmented and Virtual Reality. The part referring to the AR glossary is interesting in order to find your bearings and improve your understanding of what we are talking about.

Although updated less frequently, usually with one article per month,, the blog kept by AR expert Tobias Kammann is still full of news and good practices.

Those who wish to examine in-depth the legal aspects of Augmented Reality can consult the Augmented Legality blog, a collection of observations on the legal implications of Augmented Reality written by Brian D. Wassom.

In addition to the blogs, there are several communities where it is possible to find interesting information as well as discuss things with other people, including several experts. Among these, there is a group on Reddit dedicated to Augmented Reality which is fairly active.

Which books?

A guide and a textbook which explains the technology in general is Augmented Reality: Principles and Practice (Usability), written by Dieter Schmalstieg and Tobias Hollerer, who have been dealing with AR since the 1990s:

Should you prefer to read a text in Italian, you can consult Realtà virtuale e aumentata: scenari di business (Virtual and Augmented Reality: Business Scenarios) by Lorenzo Montagna, an expert who has been dealing with Virtual and Augmented Reality for years.

Which people to follow?

Among the influencers suggested by several sites there is the founder and CEO of Magic Leap, Rony Abovitz, who has over 21,000 followers on Twitter, and Rob Crasco, a VR and AR consultant, who regularly shares news on the subject.

Helen Papagiannis, with more than ten years of experience in Augmented Reality, is the author of the book The Augmented Human and has been a speaker in two TED Talks. Her Twitter account is Arstories, where she shares articles and comments on everything which revolves around the topic.

Our coffee breaks can also be used to find many other ways to keep up-to-date, to discover opportunities concerning augmented reality and to understand the fundamental role of data, since without these it would not be possible to augment reality.

Sonia Montegiove & Stefano Epifani