TECH | Feb 1, 2018

10 minutes with Blockchain

Which resources to consult in the coffee break to learn more about Blockchain and Bitcoins?

10 minutes with Blockchain may not be enough, especially given the confusion that reigns between Blockchain and Bitcoins, which is none other than one of the possible applications of technology. Bitcoins in particular have recently become a “bar” topic and the reason we hear them mentioned in front of a coffee is quite simple: according to some, you earn money with Bitcoins. “If I had invested in Bitcoins years ago! My cousin did it and … ” is one of the phrases that would certainly be in a version 4.0 of Stefano Benni’s Bar Sport.

Even in looking for useful material to understand what Blockchain is and how the technology can be used, the confusion with Bitcoins returns, leading the latter to be considered a synonym of the former.

Wanting to expand on the topic during a quiet coffee break, you can certainly go and browse through some blogs, including those that mention Bitcoins in the title or in the opening paragraphs because by understanding the operating mechanism you can also better understand the technology.

Which blogs?

My blockchain blog. Information blog on technology but also on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoins. You can subscribe to the blog in order to be notified immediately when a new article is posted.

Bits On Blocks. Blog by expert Antony Lewis, in which the meaning of this technology can be better understood through a language that is very accessible. Organization of the contents as a sort of guide-summary helps those who approach the subject to follow a logical path.

Blockchain news. Very rich information site, which also offers the possibility of consulting the list of 100 account can be followed and read for finding out more.

Which blogs on cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin news. Also available as Twitter account, the blog is focused on news related to virtual coins, including bitcoins. The posts are particularly suitable for those who have little time because they are usually very short and accessible.

Coindesk. The articles here are of a very technical nature, all oriented towards going further into the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Insider This blog features contributions by experts from different countries and presents individual cases analyzed in an in-depth and timely way. It does not publish often, but what it publishes is of quality. Cointelegraph. This was one of the first information sites on cryptocurrencies (the first article dates back to 2013). The site also contains several guides and an ICO calendar service, where it is possible to check out virtual coin projects to find out whether it is worth investing in them or not.

People to follow?

Among the many Twitter accounts to follow, we can mention that of, Don Tapscott, one of the leading Blockchain experts and author of the book “Blockchain revolution”. Tapscott has also his own personal website where you can consult videos and interesting research. Others to follow include Nicolas Cary, co-founder and CEO of Blockchain, Vitalik Buterin, computer scientist known as co-founder of Ethereum and Bitcoin Magazine Nick Szabo, computer scientist expert in smart contracts and Andreas M. Antonopoulos, author of the books “Mastering Bitcoin”, “The Internet of Money” and “Mastering Ethereum”.

Stefano Epifani – Sonia Montegiove