TECH | Jun 19, 2019

10 minutes with Cybersecurity

What resources can you use during coffee breaks to learn more about computer security?

“Cybersecurity is an across-the-board topic for every sector, and is one of the themes to be followed in the digital world“, so Roberto Mignemi told us in a recently published interview. How to analyze in depth the topic, exploiting the time of one or several coffees during the day? How can we approach the topic, in small doses, in just 10 minutes? As we have done for other technological drivers, it is possible to pick and choose blogs, magazines, Telegram channels or people to follow daily for Cybersecurity too.

The growing trend concerning the theme of security is confirmed by the data of the Rapporto Clusit 2019, according to which during the last two-year span the growth rate of the number of serious attacks increased tenfold compared with the previous one: they showed an increase of 3.8% in the 2015-16 two-year period against a 37.7% growth during 2017-18. “We have reached a crucial crossroads – the introduction to the report states – at the intersection point of a large number of simultaneous crises, which in the field of cybersecurity implies that the choices we make in the next (few) years will decide the possibility of survival and the sustainability of the digital society as it is now established”.



The are many blogs and magazines which can be consulted daily, such as the Sophos Naked Security magazine, with many daily news items on security, the blog with the daily summaries of Recorded Future, the US Cyber Command website or Schneier on Security. The Krebs On Security blog, curated by Brian Krebs, a journalist expert on the topic who has worked for a long time also for the Washington Post and who regularly posts investigations or in-depth studies on attacks occurring around the world, is also very interesting.

The Italian CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is also an important blog to be consulted, including in order to become a part of the community: a set of subjects providing support, training, information, research and development services for their respective users, whether public or private.

Should you wish to receive a selection of cyber-themed news weekly, on Sundays, you can subscribe to Carola Frediani’s newsletter, a security expert journalist.

Who to follow on the Net

If you want to take a look at Twitter, there are many accounts you can follow: Over Security, a channel with information on security curated by Andrea Draghetti; Corrado Giustozzi, a computer security expert and popularizer, who currently works with CERT-PA; The Rebus, which selects news on the subject; SwiftOnSecurity or Team Cymru.

For those who prefer the Reddit platform, we recommend NetSec, while for the Telegram channels, the one curated by the lawyer expert in digital law Giovanni Ziccardi, Cyberlaw.

Books (including beach reads)

There would be many technical books to suggest, but one should be aware of the fact that they “expire” quickly given the rapid evolution of techniques and technologies. There are several lighter “Summer” books which allow you to get closer to the topic: Spaghetti hacker by Andrea Monti and Stefano Checcarelli on the history of hacking in Italy; the almost vintage but still current Kriptonite by Joe Lametta; Anonymous by Antonella Beccarias which tells the story of the hacker group Anonymous.

The amusing story of the capture of Kevin Mitnick, told by the consultant who tracked him down, Hackers by Tsutomu Shimomura, or the same story told by the protagonist in the book Ghost in the Wires.

We would like to thank security expert Paolo Giardini and Pietro Minniti for the reading tips.