TECH | Jun 8, 2018

10 minutes with Deep Learning

Which resources to consult in the coffee break to learn more about Deep Learning?

When prescribing it, we spoke about Deep Learning, describing its benefits and side effects. What can you do in 10 minutes? In small doses, you can try to better understand the “deep learning” algorithms that represent a powerful and versatile tool which can be used by data scientist and companies for improving applications and processes.

Paolo Caressa explains the reason for being intrigued and going to look for something about Deep Learning in a vision: “Every day, we are exposed on social networks to Deep Learning: when we translate a text from Arabic to Chinese with Google Translator, or recognize faces in the photographs we uploaded on Facebook (with the DeepFace tool which has an error rate of 3% compared with the 4% of a human being), or we are recommended interesting tweets inspired by our likes and retweets, or receive advertising suggestions based on our tastes taken from Facebook posts (with the DeepText tool that serves this purpose)”.

We are thus surrounded. So it is worth spending the time of sipping a coffee to look for news that will accompany us in the world of Artificial Intelligence and its algorithms.


You can start with a “tecnoblog” such as, which has a frequently updated area reserved for Deep Learning where you can find not only news but also experiences of use.

For a weekly appointment with a coffee flavored with Deep Learning you can refer to a BAIR Blog, which publishes news related to Deep Learning and, more generally, to AI and Machine Learning. Run by the University of California’s Berkeley AI Research (BAIR), it offers not only the group’s research results but also news related to this topic, which helps in understanding the subject.

Another interesting stop worth a visit can be inFERENCe, the blog of Cambridge University researcher Ferenc Huszár. In addition to reading his posts, he can also be followed on Twitter.

A blog with a rich FAQ section that can be consulted quickly in 10 minutes is Machine Learning Mastery, where several articles that deal in a “gentle” way with subjects that are also complex, trying to explain them in a simple and accessible way.


10 minutes can certainly be spent on Reddit, the name of which evokes the phrase “I read it on Reddit”. The site, which contains a collection of posts from registered users, can become a useful place for comparison, exchange and detailed study, and presents both a section dedicated to Deep Learning and one to Machine Learning which are worth browsing, interacting with other people.


A young community halfway between the world of research and industry, suggested by visionist Paolo Caressa, is that of Deep Learning Italia, through which you can learn about training and meeting opportunities as well as a traveling meetup.

An eye should be kept on IAML, the Italian AI association which has an expert in Deep Learning among its founders and offers tutorials and much more.

Too much for the 10 minutes of a coffee break? Maybe yes, but the important thing is to be intrigued and always look for new resources in the midst of thousands of items of content available on the net.

Stefano Epifani – Sonia Montegiove