SOCIETY | Mar 20, 2018

10 minutes with GDPR

Which resources to consult in the coffee break to learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation?

Very few days remain before entry into force of the GDPR scheduled for May 25, and several studies are speaking of companies that are unprepared and not necessarily always informed.

So how can this be remedied? At least for having a first, light and certainly not exhaustive smattering useful for understanding how to orient oneself, content is available that can be used in even less than the time estimated for a coffee in the hypothetical 10 minutes available. Examples are the infographic, to be glanced over in a minute as promised in the title, or the introductory video to the new Privacy Regulation which offers an overview of the GDPR in 3 minutes that this author recommends expanding on along with other content. For those in a hurry but want to at least understand the GDPR that is on its way, there are several other infographics available on the net, including this one which summarizes the impacts of the regulation on companies.

Useful guides and sites

For those who have a few more minutes to devote to a subject as new as it is delicate, definitely worth consulting are the official pages published by the EU in which you can investigate not only the reasons for the GDPR but also the details of the regulation’s individual articles.

While sipping a coffee, nobody stops you from resting even more detailed guides giving a complete view of the subject on the table. Among the countless sources on the net, worth noting is the one prepared by the Bird & Bird, international law firm (single chapters of which can be downloaded) and the one produced by ICO UK which approaches the question as the 12 useful steps to prepare for the GDPR. The final part of the guide provides a practical checklist that companies can use to evaluate their compliance or not.

If you want to be reassured about the possibility of benefiting from application of the GDPR in the 10 minutes available, you can download the Collibra guide which highlights not only the reasons for which organizations need solid information management systems, but also, through a corporate case of correct data governance, how this can constitute a competitive advantage.


If, after the coffee break, you want to spend time attending some webinars between now and May 25, the United Kingdom government has produced a nice series, with the possibility of going back to watch “previous installments” again and download educational materials.


If you want to optimize time and approach the topic through questions and answers, it is worth taking a look at the EU General Data Protection Regulation space where there is a FAQ section that can be of great help on specific needs.

Stefano Epifani – Sonia Montegiove