TECH | May 22, 2019

10 minutes with Smart Agriculture

What resources can you use during coffee breaks to learn more about digital technology applied to agriculture?

10 minutes a day, the time for a coffee, to explore the issues related to digital technology in support of the agricultural sector and of the people who work there. Smart Agriculture, with a turnover between 370 and 430 million euros and one which showed a + 270% increase in 2018 compared with 2017, is the proof of how digital technology can positively impact the sectors it embraces.

To stay up to date and informed, you can start by subscribing to some newsletters, reading specialized blogs or sector magazines or by following some Twitter profiles. A little every day.

Which blogs e newsletters?

One of the online weeklies of reference, which also deals with agricultural innovation, is certainly Agronotizie which can also be received free of charge via newsletters to which you can subscribe. The news items it contains refer both to the legislation and to the technologies at the “service” of the sector.

Entirely dedicated to smart agriculture we have Farm Journal AgTech, which collects a series of articles concerning precision farming. Podcasts are also available from this online magazine, to be listened to on AGPRO, an American website which collects articles, interviews and news, in audio and video format, of the most interesting US publications on Smart Agriculture.

Always up to date and particularly rich in experiences, PrecisionAg allows ranging between “in-field technologies”, “digital farming” and “from farm to fork”, and enables subscribing to a weekly newsletter. The website also has a few whitepapers on specific themes which can be downloaded for free.

Another blog to check out is Precision Agriculture, which can also be followed on Twitter where it re-launches news on the subject. The Precision section of Crop Life publishes the latest news on new technologies applied to agriculture on a daily basis.

Interviews, events, news and case studies on “geospatial”, with a specific focus on Smart Agriculture, can be consulted on Geo Spatial World, which also includes a video and webinar section.

What books can be read?

Among the books in Italian that you can browse through in the space of a coffee, it is worth mentioning Agricoltura di precisione (Precision agriculture) curated by Raffaele Casa, which explains the technologies and management strategies of precision agriculture applied to vegetable productions, starting from remote sensing to arrive at yield mapping systems, drones and variable rate applications.

La nuova viticoltura (The new viticulture) curated by Alberto Palliotti, Stefano Poni and Oriana Silvestroni, deals in more detail with the innovations inherent in design choices and management of vineyards, where automation and robotics change the way decisions are made and optimize production processes.

Who to follow on Twitter?

Tweets to follow are those by EIT FOOD, a consortium of 50 partners, the largest agri-tech large scale pilot in recent years, which socializes through the account EIT_FoodAG Founder, the reference voice of the investment world in agriculture technology with its account @AgFunder and @IOF2020, a EU program which intends to facilitate the inclusion of IoT in agri-food, and which communicates through the account @IoF2020.


For suggestions on sources we thank the agrifood experts Andrea Cruciani, Antonio Natale, Camilla Bizzarri, Valeria Morè.