TECH | Jul 11, 2017

Over 100 books on the data culture to pack in your suitcase

Reading suggestions from Ingenium contributors that are not just for the summer vacation

Summer reading, but they are also demanding, like those we suggest in this article. Non-fiction that you didn’t have time to read during the year, but during a break from work you can rediscover the pleasure of delving into them.

We asked our contributors for some reading suggestions and these are the resulting rankings:

Big data e privacy by design: anonimizzazione, pseudonimizzazione, sicurezza, by Giuseppe D’Acquisto and Maurizio Naldi (G. Giappichelli Editor). “When you read the book – says Giovanni Manca – you will understand the close relationship between Big Data and Privacy and thus provide new safeguards for people.” This is not the only book that Giovanni suggests, since he immediately adds another two volumes to bring with you.

Big Data – A revolution that will transform how we live, work, and think, by Viktor Mayer-Schoenberger and Kenneth Cukier (Houghton Mifflin); a descriptive and philosophical text on the subject, which is also a must according to Forbes, WSJ and NYT.

Big Data – Architetture, tecnologie e metodi per l’utilizzo di grandi basi di datiby Alessandro Rezzani (Apogeo Education) “A university book with a technical managerial profile – as Giovanni Manca defines it – with numerous guidelines to understand how to get information from large data bases.”

The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructures & Their Consequences, by Rob Kitchin (Sage Pubns Ltd) the book suggested by Giovanni Boccia Artieri. “The book – explains Boccia Altieri – demystifies Big Data as a buzzword and explains the data revolution and the changes that make us rethink its meaning. In this work, Rob Kitchin is critical of the data culture today and offers multidisciplinary ideas to understand how data is involved in defining social, cultural, and spatial relationships.”

The Circle, by Dave Egger (Vintage Books), suggested by Paolo Giardini in that it “could provoke reflection on where we could end up in the absence of a data usage culture and user-awareness”.

Deep Learning, by  Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville  (Mit Pr) the text to put in your suitcase according to Andrea Manieri, who also suggests a list of books to be downloaded for free:


Mastering Digital Business – How powerful combinations of disruptive technologies are enabling the next wave of digital transformation, by Nicholas Evans (BCS) is suggested by Marco Caressa together with another good read:

Big Data Bootcamp: what managers need to know to profit from the Big Data Revolution by David Feinleib (Apress).

There are also reading suggestions from Gabriele Ruffatti who, instead of the classic book, says you should sign up for the O’Reilly Newsletter. “This – says Ruffatti – offers several very technical publications: some free introductory red books and others for payment.”

Before you finish packing your suitcase, let’s leave some space for the books you have picked to accompany you as you discover the importance of the data culture.