SOCIETY | Mar 30, 2018

3 reasons why World Backup Day should last 365 days a year

Why is data backup important to everyone, businesses or otherwise?

Among the countless “international days” that encourage us to focus on one or more things every day, world backup day was conceived in 2011, on the initiative of a group users. Established for March 31, the day before the April fool might steal any data we have forgotten to backup, it is just a reminder to safely save the information we keep on our PC, phone and tablet.

What is backup?

One of the most ironic but also very sadly true definitions is that given by the legal Simone Aliprandi:  “backup is the thing that should have been done first“. According to the data reported on the site dedicated to the initiative, 30% of people have never made a backup of their data, even though 113 phones are lost or stolen every minute. Statistics that would encourage us to read the definition of backup on the World Backup Day web-pages: “A second copy of all your important files, for example, photos of your family, videos, documents and emails”. There is also a suggestion: “Instead of saving your data all in one place (like your computer), make a copy somewhere else!

How do you backup your data?

The right way to copy documents, photos and important digital content that we intend to keep for a long time is to use different memories from the one used by the PC or any other device we use regularly. For example, you could copy your data on an external memory (a portable hard disk or a USB key) or entrust it to a cloud service, ideally having first studied the conditions applied by the service provider for storing your data.

3 good reasons to backup more than once a year

The site dedicated to World Backup Day carries an oath: “I solemnly swear that on March 31st I will back up my precious documents and memories”. But we all know that  once a year is probably not enough, especially if you are an entrepreneur and have to take care of this aspect of managing your business.

What are 3 good reasons to backup?

  1. Data are precious. We often talk about data in terms of oil, gold, or even the air we breathe. It is a way of expressing how data has become increasingly valuable to people and companies, especially because it is precisely this data that dictates their choices, the implementation of the notorious data driven governance, and guides their decision-making. For this reason one single copy on a single memory, whose content may potentially be lost in one fell swoop due to a hardware defect, electric overload or any circumstance that might destroy our precious data, is just not an option.
  2. If I have a backup, can I avoid paying “ransom demands”. How many of us have heard of  ransomware? Namely, those constantly increasing viruses that encrypt information that can be read only after paying a sort of “ransom” (usually in bitcoin)? Well, if I have properly backed up my data and do not store it (obviously) on the same “infected” machine, I do not have to pay someone to render re-readable something that I already have.
  3.  Speeding-​​up recovery operations. When, in the context of companies and government in particular, we talk about  disaster recovery, we focus on the value of having “fresh” copies of data that can be used to reset possible blocks in applications, which we may have to deal with on another machine, with a new installation and consequently the latest data available. This is precisely to speed up the recovery time, for example, of a service or application necessary to the operation of the company or government (but also of the family in certain cases).

We could go on citing numerous other common sense reasons, which precisely because they are common sense, are sometimes ignored.

Happy Backup day everyone… every day of the year!