SOCIETY | Mar 13, 2019

Innovation and technology: the five contradictions of consumers

What is the consumers’ relationship with Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Blockchain? The answers are in the Retail Transformation research.

They claim to know technology, but have never experienced it in practice. They say they like customized services, but are not willing to be known in order to give others the opportunity to “profile” services. These are just some of the contradictions which have surfaced from the research Retail Transformation, carried out by Digital Transformation Institute and CFMT in collaboration with SWG and Assintel.

Which are the 5 main contradictions concerning innovation and technology?

Technology is not a problem for me, but I don’t use it much

58% of consumers surveyed says they feel at ease with technology and have mostly positive emotions about innovation and progress. The associated emotions are: trust 47%, surprise 39%, expectation 33%.

But… they have never used shared transport via an app (75%), they have never paid by contactless mode with their smartphone (61%), they have never even used a smart TV (54%).

I know Artificial Intelligence and Big Data well, but I rarely “deal” with them

80% of people interviewed states they know the term Artificial Intelligence and even manages to provide a definition, although they say they are not certain. 66% of consumers claims to have confidence in Big Data and, in this case too, tries to describe the word.

But… only 12% has ever talked to a voice assistant and only 14% has received information about a store they visited. Smart home devices which can be activated from smartphones are known, but 65% of users says they have never used them.

I’ve heard about Blockchain, but I’ve never even counted a bitcoin

19% of users interviewed says they have heard of Blockchain and 11% knows what it is, even though the definition they give shows several difficulties in understanding something particularly complex and technical.

But… only 3% has made purchases in Bitcoin very often associated with Blockchain by the respondents), with 81% declaring that they have never used cryptocurrencies.

I know Augmented Reality very well, but I have very little experience of it

32% of consumers knows Augmented Reality well, 43% knows in general what it is and 17% has heard of it. Only 8% states they do not know this technology.

But… only 4% has ever used a service based on augmented reality or interacted with a work of art via smartphone.

I would like a customized service, but I don’t want to give up my data

49% of users says they are interested in using an app which can offer targeted services based on customized data. On social networks, the percentage of people who considers useful acquiring information on a product that potentially interests them reaches 84%.

But… 41% of people is not willing to give up their data and 77% deems data collection by social media to be serious.