MARKET | Mar 15, 2018

What is the use of Digital Transformation?

5 answers from Kick-Off Engineering 2018

“In a world where change is continuous and uncertain, we need the maximum possible flexibility and awareness. We do not have to teach young people something, but we need to make sure they have an open mind to be able to handle complexity”.

This was how theoretical physicist Carlo Rovelli introduced Engineering’s Kick-Off Meeting 2018, an event in which the best practices of the Engineering Group in Italy and worldwide are presented, which was held on Monday 12 March in Rome, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica.

Time was the theme of this meeting. “We talk about the past, that is, of the projects carried out, of those in progress, of the present, and also of the future. Let’s talk about the changes that await us and that we cannot pretend not to see,” stressed Paolo Pandozy in introducing the “overview” of projects that followed one another throughout the day.

“It’s time”.  It’s time to change and give meaning to Digital Transformation. A meaning that is found in 5 key themes that emerged from the meeting.

Digital for smart mobility

Recent research by Intel has calculated that time saving, that is, the time that any citizen can free up in a year thanks to smart services, amounts to 125 hours. Precious time that becomes an opportunity.

The projects presented on this theme were those carried out by Engineering in the large metropolitan cities of Brazil and Argentina, where the problems of moving and transporting citizens are important. Two solutions for public transport and for operations centers make it possible to coordinate city events and allow approximately 55 million citizens to browse information via smartphones, IVRs or on maps at bus stops.

Another example of excellence is the Copenhagen underground, winner for 3 years as the best driverless underground in the world, which has implemented modernization of Telecontrol and Data Transmission systems, using Digital Twin methodology for laboratory tests, with zero downtime in the installation phase.

Digital for intelligent process automation

Computerizing processes means automating and optimizing application procedures to ensure that they are in line with the company system and agile for users. It therefore means optimizing time in the company, maximizing the resources used. Through the introduction of a software automation solution (RPA) transparent to corporate information environments, this concept applied to desktop processes enables automation of operational flows of complex, massive, repetitive manual processes, relieving users from tedious, time-consuming processes with high risk of errors. By transferring these tasks to virtual automata, guided by workflows based on business rules set by the user, manual operation is replicated giving the possibility to offer 24-hour services without interruption.

An interesting application tested by Engineering is also that in the management of warehouses, where automation is applied to the processes and physical movement of products, favoring an increase in efficiency and productivity, and taking over from traditional warehouse management. Increase in efficiency and productivity in the Ferrero and Whirlpool experience.

Digital for usable and accessible public services

Recovering life time means being able to take advantage of digital technology to do things better and faster. With ViviVeneto, a strategic project of the new Digital Agenda of Veneto 2020, the experience of the digital citizen – it was said at Kick-Off – is transformed from Odyssey to Cruise. In order to do this, an experience of use of “disruptive” digital public services with respect to the past was created, through adoption of an API platform.

Digital for improving diagnosis and treatment in healthcare

In healthcare that is changing, Information Technology becomes the enabling and support factor for new models of diagnosis and cure. The project presented is called ICU-MR with which Engineering wanted to highlight the possibility of using technologies to support healthcare staff, provide information to the patient and staff in a timely manner and acquire information from a wearable device. All with the aim of improving care, as recalled by the opening of the project presentation video shown.

Digital for people’s safety

People at the center in Digital Transformation. And therefore attention to their safety. With the SIMONA project, Engineering wanted to show how, through the creation of an application platform that uses three types of satellite structure (GPS, SATCOM and EO), it is able to offer innovative services to support institutional and private users in activities aimed at improving safety at sea.