Physics graduate, International School of Physics “E. Fermi”, Master in Computer Science, multi-annual international experience in Big Data Analytics projects and Cloud architectures, has developed and applied service models such as Maas and IMF (IDaaS maturity Framework) dedicating particular attention to the matter identity and security in the Data field in the Cloud. A strong passion for applied mathematics, he works on the development of a machine-learning framework for prescriptive analysis in Big Data systems. He is currently a consultant to the Engineering Group and holds the role of Data Scientist at the Big Data and Analytics Competence Center.

TECH | Aug 3, 2017

Blockchain serving the Internet of Things

Accreditation of blockchain subscriptions for controlled use of Identity in Internet of Things applications
The blockchain paradygm is linked to the bitcoin financial concept and therefore becomes immediately associated with cryptocurrency transfer. More generally, it introduces a new business model for the management and sharing of goods and services. Blockchain technology provides an end-to-end ecosystem that, within a peer-to-peer system, allows users, whether they are companies, public entities or individuals, to share assets, investments and services without the assistance of financial intermediaries and intermediary bodies. The model is powered by anonymous transactions, cryptosecured digital information that is able to[…]