Born in Aosta, he graduated in Engineering for the Environment and Territory at the Polytechnic of Turin and was a researcher in Engineering within the Research Unit Risk Evaluation Dashboard where he worked in particular on the arrangement of spatial data and the theoretical realization of algorithms for the management of environmental risk.

SOCIETY | Aug 23, 2018

Data and digital against avalanches and rockfalls

Here is how the RED project algorithms help monitor hydrogeological risk
There is no doubt about the fragility of the Italian territory, and with current climate changes the situation is worsening. This is confirmed by the most recent data: in 2017, 91% of Italian municipalities were at risk and more than 7 million people lived in areas of high vulnerability; the area potentially subject to landslides grew by 2.9% compared with 2015 while the area exposed to risk of flooding increased by 4%. The Risk Evaluation Dashboard (RED) research unit was created precisely[…]