Genoese, with training in electronics and computing. Member of the OpenStreetMap project since the end of 2007, activist since 2009. OSM mapper in urban environments and on paths and mountaineering routes, member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, co-organizer of OSMit2010 in Genoa, OSMit2016 in Milan, FOSS4G-IT 2017 in Genoa and FOSS4G-IT 2018 in Rome and of the OpenStreetMap world conference “State of the Map 2018” at the Politecnico di Milano.

SOCIETY | Oct 23, 2018

Data and OpenStreetMap for mitigating environmental risk

From earthquakes to small everyday emergencies, the role of the world's largest database of free geographical data
Italy is a country with little memory. We read this from time to time in newspapers shortly after major calamitous events. Italians are excellent in times of emergency, but after that they forget the everyday. An everyday made of prevention, of major works but also of small and no less important works. An acronym practically unknown to most in Italy is DRR which stands for Disaster Risk Reduction, or that series of actions (or systematic approach, according to Wikipedia) that aim to[…]