Project Manager and Senior Researcher in the Engineering R&D laboratory. He was previously research responsible for EngiSanità, team leader and later head of R&D unit on Cloud Computing, project leader in various European and International initiatives, expert evaluator for the European Commission. Currently he’s focused on the development and recognition of the figure of the Data Scientist, on its competencies and skills required by academia and industry in the EDISON project (; he also deals with digital skills and the introduction of the computational thinking in schools.


TECH | Jan 4, 2019

Hackathons also in 2019?

Twenty years after its birth, the hackathon is still the most used event for gathering ideas and talents. Here is how and why it is organized
Looking at the coming year, I am convinced that one of the most used words will be hackathon. Recently I followed the organization of the TIMBoxHackathon in Orvieto and from several sides I was asked to help people understand what these events are and how to organize them. I read up and discovered that coming June 4 will mark exactly twenty years since the birth of the first hackathon. In 1999, the first programming event that takes this name was organized by[…]