A Physics graduate, he has worked for 14 years in the Engineering Group’s Research and Development Division as a researcher in the Open Public Service Innovation Laboratory. In Engineering, he has gained solid experience in the management of Italian and European research projects in different application areas.

SOCIETY | Mar 21, 2017

CLIPS: a new approach for delivery of services in PAs

The role of Cloud and Open Data in digital transformation of the PA: lessons learned from the CLIPS project
The public sector is facing new economic and demographic challenges that require greater efficiency and effectiveness by public administrations. "Do more with less" ("maximum yield with minimum effort") has become a mantra, supported by the European Commission, which epitomizes the goal that public administrations set themselves in a context of progressive reduction of available economic resources and in the presence of communities of increasingly demanding users in terms of services offered. To obtain the "maximum yield with minimum effort", however, public administrations[…]