Italian director, producer and screenwriter. A graduate in Communication Sciences, he completed a Master’s degree at the European Film College in Denmark specializing in the film industry. After collaborating on several projects, he is now working on his first feature film.

SOCIETY | Apr 12, 2018

Do those who have most data win?

What are data and how far they manage to transform people from citizens to centers of consumption of goods and services
Those who have most information win: they win in the economy, in security, in journalism. They win and that's it. It has always been like this. However, from a certain point onwards, something changed with regard to data. Let's say since 1970, with the first industrially-produced computers. The speed of the collection of information and the quantity have changed. Collection in real time, saving and everlasting storage, unlimited quantity. For everything that concerns us. All we do is connected to a machine, to a[…]