A lawyer, he has been dealing with new technologies law since 1995. In 2008 he founded Array, a horizontal non-law-firm (“Array is an array”) among experts in IT law – focused especially on free software and open world. General Counsel of the Free Software Foundation Europe, he is a member of the board of euroITcounsel, a circle of quality among some of the most prestigious IT law firms in Europe, and of the editorial board of the International Free and Open Source Software Law Review, the only international peer review magazine dedicated to Free Software and the entire open world. He participated in the commission of the Digital Italy Agency for Application Regulation of Article 68 of the Digital Administration Code and is co-author of “Ensuring utmost transparency – Free Software and Open Standards under the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament” and “Legal aspects of free and open-source software”.

SOCIETY | Nov 21, 2017

National guidelines and licenses for Open Data

What is the proper license for publication of open data?
Does the publication of Open Data by public sector entities require an “attribution” license (like those recommended by the national guidelines, even in their latest version in 2016), or, is a more “liberal” license allowable? I have already expressed my preference in public documents, but it’s worth restating the issue, given that even recently I’ve had to contradict well-prepared friends on what is allowable. Brief summary Open Data is defined as datasets produced by the public sector and made available to everyone under[…]