A graduate in Mathematical Engineering, Eloise Bovet obtained a Ph.D. in Structural Engineering in 2013. She has worked at the Avalanche Office in Aosta since 2006; since 2009 she has been employed by Montagna Sicura Foundation in Courmayeur (AO). Alongside institutional tasks, she is involved in research in the field of projects concerning avalanche dynamics, the interaction of avalanches with structures and wind transport of snow.

TECH | Sep 27, 2018

Avalanches: innovation helps risk management

Remote sensing, AI and Data Analysis at the service of the environment
When it comes to snow in the Alpine regions there are at least two meanings: "snow" understood as winter sports, fun, tourism and commerce, and "snow" as an atmospheric agent that can cause  avalanches, and consequently danger, risk management and research into safety. In recent few years much work has been done on supporting decision-makers in the management of territory and development of sustainable tourism, also and above all by resorting to technology. Projects carried out by the Montagna Sicura Foundation in Courmayeur on snow[…]