Content marketing strategist, customer experience aficionado and co-founder of Simmat, she has been writing for journals and the web for over 15 years. Digital communication and marketing are the themes of events and courses in which she participates as speaker and lecturer.  An ambassador of karma marketing, value content is her mantra, design experience is her methodology and irony is the tool she uses to make ‘bits’ usable and understandable to the entire world. Giada is a member of the Internet Marketing Association, adviser to Assintel Umbria and Terziario Donna Umbria.

MARKET | Jul 18, 2017

Assess what you get and you will get what you assess

What is the role of data within marketing and how can it be enhanced?
There is no doubt that there is a distinct advantage in handling marketing in 2017: being able to access huge quantities of data. Data that helps you understand what users have done, how they moved around within your website, how much and how often they bought or recommended the product being sold. You can find out who they are, what they like to do in their free time or see their photos. You can find out how old they are, where they[…]