Born in 1974, self-employed in Remanzacco (UD). Mechanical Designer, Lecturer, Consultant. Provider of Open Source CAD solutions for professionals and SMEs. Former blogger on Open Source and Digital Culture issues. Adviser and head of communication for the Cultural IT Association of the Pordenone Linux User Group. Passionate about the dynamics of Social Networks, Digital Communities and Sustainable Progress.

SOCIETY | Nov 22, 2016

A Wikipedia of things thanks to Open Manufacturing data

The first time I heard the concept of "Wikipedia of things" mentioned was in 2013 during the TED talk on “Architecture for the people by the people” by Alastair Parvin. To support the principles behind his WikiHouse project, thus the vision of urbanisation that was finally open, shared and collaborative, Parvin reasoned about the tremendous opportunity that the democratisation of manufacturing (which we are experiencing thanks to Internet, to the culture born from Free Software, Open Hardware and the maker movement, as[…]