Director of Knowage Labs and in charge of the offer of the Big Data Competency Center in Engineering Group’s Research and Innovation Directorate. Product manager of the open source suite Knowage, she has founder and project leader of the SpagoBI Open Source suite, the Big Data Initiative, the international OW2 Consortium and the Italian Hadoop User Group. She has a consolidated experience on issues such as the development of business applications, data modeling, data warehousing, dimensional analysis, business intelligence and big data analytics. She has been an external lecturer in Business Intelligence and Directional Systems for the degree course in Computer Science at the Faculty of SMFN, University of Turin.

TECH | Dec 14, 2018

Investments in Big Data & Analytics on the rise: how and why?

According to Assintel Report 2019, investments for giving value to data collected by companies increase by 26% compared with 2017. Interview with director of Knowage Labs Grazia Cazzin
30 billion euro, growth of 0.7% compared with 2017 and the prospect of an increase of 1.6% in 2019. These are the figures it presents Assintel Report 2019, which highlight a greater awareness, including by medium-sized companies, of the importance of ICT as a tool for improving their level of competitiveness on the reference market. Accelerators of innovation identified by the report are the Cloud (+25%),the Internet of Things (+18%), Artificial Intelligence (+31%), Virtual and Augmented Reality (+72%), Wearables (+43%) and Big Data and Analytics (+26%). A data-centric business? "The[…]
TECH | Nov 29, 2016

When do Big Data become Value?

The growing demand for solutions sometimes generously labelled as Big Data is often accompanied by expectation of a solution for ancient discontent related to data management, sometimes confusing technology with[…]