He studied in Berlin, Oxford and Paris. Hilgenberg has had a managerial career in Germany, Italy and Switzerland (Olivetti, Mondadori, Benetton and Digital Equipment), is a strategic consultant and, since 2007, has been professor of media sciences at the Technical University of Berlin.

TECH | Sep 11, 2018

10 minutes with Design Thinking

Which resources to consult in the coffee break to learn more about Design Thinking?
In addition to having been described as a medicine to be taken regularly, Design Thinking can be defined as a set of rules and tools for managing projects, especially those with a high degree of innovation. As the name suggests, it is inspired by the design process (and in particular product design), which should combine the goals of a high level of creativity and those of a rigorous method. The origins of Design Thinking can be traced back to Bauhaus in the 1920s, but[…]