Maria Cristina

With a degree in Mathematics and an MBA from UOP, she has an extensive background as a system developer. Since 2005 she has been with the Engineering Group where she is now head of the Project Management Excellence Center. She has previously worked for Olivetti, Italian Cooperation in Zimbabwe and Unicredit. Project Management lecturer for the Master’s in Project Management and Innovation at the University of Padua, she is an active member of the PMI in Philadelphia.

MARKET | Apr 19, 2018

Selling KPIs

What if the "problem" of vendors in complying with Key Performance Indicators was to become a competitive advantage?
I've been going to a gym regularly for a few months now. I’ve engaged a personal trainer who gives me instructions on exercises and nutrition, and periodically sees me to check if I'm reaching the results she expects me to achieve because I follow her instructions. Every time we meet, that is about once a month, she "measures" me, and does some processing of figures that she has tried to explain to me – not to convince me of their validity, but[…]