A graduate in Communication Sciences at the Sapienza University of Rome in 2005, after decades of experience of digital communication in the public administration, she has been editorial coordinator of TechEconomy since 2012. In that role, she takes care of interviews on topics ranging from digital marketing to IoT, through social media and digital transformation.

PEOPLE | Sep 22, 2016

Data-Driven Governance for the PA? Interview with Paolo Barberis

Barberis is the Innovation Advisor to the President of the Italian Council, Matteo Renzi
It is called information asymmetry and is the condition under which information is not fully shared among the individuals that are part of a specific process. This means that some of the officials involved have more information than other participants and can gain an advantage from this configuration. What has asymmetric information got to do with Data-Driven Governance, namely with that set of strategies that sees digital data as the tool upon which to base administrative and governmental actions? A whole lot[…]