Pireddu teaches technologies for adult education at the Department of Education Sciences of the Roma Tre University. He deals with communication and forms of learning, school and training environments. He recently presented Algoritmi (Algorithms), the first book in the new “Collassi” series from the Sossella publishing house, directed by Luca Massidda and Pireddu himself, dedicated to the analysis of contemporary emergencies.

SOCIETY | Dec 21, 2017

What role do algorithms play in our lives?

Big Data are not simply data, and today our societies are increasingly governed by algorithms
When we do something online, we always leave a trace. We search for an address on Google Maps, a product on Amazon or a restaurant on Tripadvisor; we click "Like" on a Facebook contact post, re-share a tweet, publish a photo on Instagram and describe it with a hashtag;  we read and respond to an e-mail, chat with friends and acquaintances on Whatsapp and Messenger, and sometimes we interact with business chatbot to obtain information that interests us. We do an hour running and use[…]