A graduate in Information Science and Communication Technology, he is Innovation Manager at Engineering where he deals with all aspects of innovation, from collaboration and coordination of research projects to consultancy and specialized training. Adjunct Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Turin and of Consultancy and Soft Skills at the University of Pavia, he is a member of the Advisory Board of UNINFO and the Executive Council of the University of Florence.

TECH | Feb 7, 2020

Man-Machine, a changing relationship

How will Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality change the relationship between man and machine?
The next decade will be characterized by a total paradigm shift in the interaction between man and machine and this will take place along two parallel and complementary directions: the use of the voice and the massive adoption of Extended Reality. What we are doing today, a little shyly and sometimes feeling a little stupid, with voice assistants like Siri and Alexa, will become the standard, and sometimes the only way, we will relate to the service providers we need; not therefore[…]