Curator of TEDxAssisi, he is a digital consultant and trainer. He is responsible for Fuseum’s communication out of pure passion and takes part in all the events that bring innovation to his territory. An incorrigible explorer, he always has his mind on a future project, even before completing the current one.

TECH | Jun 20, 2017

Artificial Intelligence is among us, but is it what we expected?

How Artificial Intelligence guides and will increasingly guide the choices of people through data
The main means of communication at the end of the last century was television, so much so that the phrase "the television says so", referring to the role of depository of knowledge attributed to the medium, still rings in our ears. Today, if you talk to a teenager, the phrase becomes "the internet says so", assuming that the authenticity of what's on the Net is guaranteed by the sole fact of being there. This leads to two problems: Television was and is[…]