La Porta

A graduate in Computer Engineering, for over twenty years he has been dealing with information systems and solutions for national and international clients in various market sectors and business processes, holding positions in Program Management and Business Development. Technical Manager of Engineering’s Smart Manufacturing Observatory, he has performed positioning analysis, partnership definition and development of innovative offers in the context of Industry 4.0. He currently works with Fair Dynamics Consulting, an Engineering Group company, on development of the Digital Transformation Consulting practice.

MARKET | Dec 7, 2017

Maintenance 4.0: what role do data play?

How data will (and already do) meet the challenge with the competition
What lies behind the term Maintenance 4.0? An attempt to ride the trend of the moment or an opportunity not to be missed? We will see how the companies most attentive to the possibilities offered by new technologies are changing the way of designing and organizing maintenance under the influence of the evolutionary dynamics of Industry 4.0. The same dynamics that have changed the success and failure factors of companies. We will thus see how the challenge with the competition will also[…]