A physicist by training, he obtained an International Research Doctorate in Physics with a thesis prepared jointly between the University of Pavia and the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium), aimed at seeking new Physics through analysis of large LHC datasets collected at CERN. He has worked in Healthcare on the implementation of mathematical models to extended image archives (PACS) for the calculation of radiation doses in radiology.  He currently works as a Data Scientist at Engineering’s Big Data & Analytics Competency Center.

SOCIETY | Sep 18, 2018

Teamwork in the age of Analytics

What is needed to work well in multidisciplinary teams?
In the past, I very frequently had occasion to work in multidisciplinary groups with professionals, researchers, technicians, medical and health personnel, biologists, statisticians and engineers. I always thought that one of the most interesting aspects of these projects was the opportunity to learn to further recognize one's limits and live with those of others. But, in practical terms, how is it possible to work in a multidisciplinary group in a context like that of Analytics, a sector in which professionalism is often[…]
TECH | May 3, 2018

Can algorithms be racist?

“Is the iPhone racist?” The question was asked in a Newsweek article on December 18, 2017, as well as by other British newspapers such Mirror and The Sun, which picked up on the discontent of some[…]