Currently Country Manager for Querona in Italy and Spain, he has been involved with Business Intelligence for a considerable time. He was Country Manager of TARGIT in Spain; he collaborates with various media and holds conferences on the need for companies to discover the treasure within the data that their systems generate on a daily basis.

MARKET | Dec 18, 2018

Data Governance: because data are business

In a landscape so rich in sources, how essential is Data Governance?
Today there is much talk of Data Governance and almost always the focus is on two fundamental aspects: compliance with current and future legislation and security. But is it really only this? In reality, there is much more. If we follow the approach of dama.org to data management, governance is the central element. There is no data management without it. What is Data Governance? Data Governance prepares us for the digital transformation process, because data are no longer locked in proprietary systems, or in a single data[…]
MARKET | Mar 27, 2018

New horizons for Business Intelligence

Historically, a Business Intelligence (BI) infrastructure was very complex; including data sources and their normalisation, ETL processes, OLAP cubes and a Data Warehouse on a physical server. Technology has developed considerably and scenarios are changing due to[…]