A graduate of the Catholic University of Milan, he worked through the ’70s as director of personnel and organisation for different companies. From ’81 to ’84, he was a direct collaborator of Michele Cinaglia, with commercial and institutional relations tasks in the then Cerved. Between ’85 and ’87, he designed, promoted and contributed to the foundation of Ancitel, which he headed as CEO until April 2000. In May of the same year, he founded LGnet, a small consulting firm on innovation processes in local authorities which he still heads. From 2006 to 2010, he worked for the government as manager responsible for the Regions and Local Authorities Innovation area of CNIPA. He contributed to preparation of the celebratory volumes of the history of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica. He currently works, through LGnet, with Municipia.

SOCIETY | Dec 13, 2016

Small stories of public data before Open Data

From the Business Register to PRA and the National Registry Office: public databases before "open data"
At the time to which we refer, the issue of Open Data still belonged to the realm of science fiction; at the most, as if evoking some esoteric reality, there was talk of "databases". The period was the early '80s; in the previous five years there had been massive investments in Italy in technologies which from "IT" would in a few years become "of information" for modernising the activity of Public Administrations. At the centre, the General Accounting Office was computerised and[…]