He graduated in 2015 in Managerial Engineering at the Turin Politecnico. After an internship at the R&D department of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, he is working on business models in the field of Earth Observation for his Doctorate.

SOCIETY | Sep 12, 2017

Earth Observation: use of data and business models

What kind of business is generated by the data collected via satellites?
Recently, interest in Earth Observation data and its exploitation has greatly increased, both from the point of view of social benefits and as a driving mechanism for the industrial sector. The European Space Agency with the Copernicus programme, is moving towards global satellite coverage of Earth, with satellites capable of capturing more and more parameters, thus generating an incredible amount of data. Aiming to involve as many users as possible, the ESA has tried to exploit various approaches: from TEP (Thematic Exploitation[…]