After graduating and obtaining a PhD in mathematics, he spent some years in pure research and university teaching (Faculty of Engineering) and then moved to the world of industry, first as an IT consultant, then as a quantitative analyst in the field of finance and risk management, before finally returning to the IT world as a project manager, business analyst and consultant on methodologies, technologies, innovation and training. He has published two books on the history of mathematics (AlphaTest), a university mathematics textbook (UAM) and various scientific, informational and educational articles in various types of magazines. He lectures on various subjects, including mathematics, IT and data sciences. He is also involved in training and education, holding courses both in the professional field and as a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering of La Sapienza University.

TECH | Jan 15, 2019

Metadata volant, data manent

To what extent does the datum change as it spreads? On the trail of a quotation branded by Apple, attributed to Leonardo (thanks to Campari) and then found in a novel of the 1930s.
A Latin adage that is still sometimes cited is “verba volant, scripta manent”, which is generally used to highlight how much easier it is to forget, or counterfeit, an oral message than a written message. The origin of the Latin phrase was instead a prudent and pragmatic invitation not to write everything that may come to mind, or at least not to write anything compromising, an invitation that unfortunately is not widely listened to today: one of the lessons I have learned[…]