Business Developer in Engineering – Knowage. CEO and CO-founder of since 2011. Involved in the world of sports talent analysis, he founded the only Italian company selected by MIT among the world innovations in sport in ten years of conferences. Scientific background (graduated in marine biology) has the intuition to bring fuzzy logic in the evaluation of sports talent. He is convinced that the Italian digital trtansformation will lead the country to an economic renaissance.

TECH | Jan 18, 2018

Data as a treasure in sports

How can data help to choose the best player?
“The people in charge of teams only think about buying players, but the goal should be to buy wins. And to do that you need to buy points… they ask all the wrong questions, and if I tell someone this, I become a leper”. So said Peter Brand in the film “Moneyball: The Art of Winning”, speaking for Paul DePodesta, Harvard graduate in economics and a baseball and football executive. In short, it highlights that data can lead to obtaining wins and it is readily available,[…]