Researcher, member of the “Public Administration Innovation” Group at Engineering’s Research and Development Laboratory. A graduate in Computer Engineering from the University of Palermo, he is Technical Manager on behalf of Engineering for various Italian and European research and innovation projects on topics related to smart and digital cities. Research and innovation topics addressed: gamification, living lab, involvement and co-creation tools, FIWARE, IoT, nature-based solutions, smart government, open innovation, social innovation, data integration, cloud computing.

SOCIETY | Oct 24, 2017

Citizens active in the development of innovative public services

Story of an idea that turned into an app
The trials promoted by an innovation project co-funded by the European Union,  Welive, gives citizens, named Mario and Heloise in our story, the opportunity to test and validate a new approach to interaction between citizens and public administration aimed at innovating the public services sector. What does the new approach involve? The new approach is based on a complete virtual environment for collaborative creation of services and apps that enhance the open data and services available. It is inspired by the principles of[…]